Level Equity is a private investment firm.

Level Equity invests in and acquires outstanding growth businesses. The firm manages a series of long-term, committed investment partnerships in support of this strategy. We aim to be the investor of choice for entrepreneurs and businesses with many options for capital.

Level Equity invests in and acquires outstanding growth businesses. We have wide capability as a minority or majority investor and in outright acquisitions.

Level Equity seeks out growing businesses led by excellent founders and managers using technology to create change in their markets. We help these businesses expand with intelligent risk-adjusted investments for growth, often in product development, sales or global reach. We work to sustain existing value and deepen management, corporate governance and business quality alongside revenue and profit growth.

Level Equity pursues a direct sourcing strategy. We build relationships with great entrepreneurs and businesses in targeted markets regardless of current investment opportunity. Many of our operating businesses pursue acquisitions and we are actively seeking opportunities on their behalf.

Level Equity was founded by experienced investors in private growth businesses.

Our senior team has been investing in growth since 1997, working as a team since 2003, and has backed 60 businesses. Thirty-five of these businesses have achieved realizations through IPO, sale, or recapitalization. We presently manage over $940 million in committed capital across a series of investment partnerships.

We have been fortunate to grow our business by partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs, managers and investors, and by focusing on businesses we understand and where we can add value. We strive to be transparent to a fault and look for the same in those who invest with us and in whom we invest. We are passionate about building big businesses and committed to doing this the right way.

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